Breaking Though...

Sometimes in life... you come to a place where you need a breakthrough. You see no way forward, and you know there's no going back. You begin to change and transform. It's time to begin your journey of growth; your metanoia.

Life is a series of lessons. We take advantage of some, and we neglect others. In the long run, we are who we are because of our experiences in the past; good and bad. Because if we never knew the frustrations of hitting a brick wall, we'd never know the triumph of the breakthrough. 

Strategy obstruction challenges with a train track that is broken as a business concept of a road block and finding solutions to obstacles that are dangerous and challenging as  journey on a strategic goal.

Because life doesn't always play by the rules...

What do you do when your life's plans get derailed? While the answer to this question may differ for each of us, one thing remains a constant, you have a choice to make.

 It's during times like these that Metanoia Blog holds the most relevant. Every piece of content you'll find is designed to push you passed the issues holding you back. To serve as a catalyst for mental and spiritual growth.

Unlocking all the potential life holds...

So it sounds a bit cliche. But truth be told we all have something in us that wants to spread our wings and fly. To open our minds and our hearts to new possibilities; and that's the drive we all share here at Metanoia Blog. 

A few steps Along the Path to Metanoia


It's Starts with a Dead End

It's bound to happen, you're going to hit a brick wall. Maybe you already have, and like a lot of people, you just chose to walk away; but you don't have to give up...

A female climber on a steep rock face viewed from above with the belayer in the background.  Shallow depth of field is used to isolated the climber.

Choose to Climb Higher

When you choose not to quit, you're choosing to fight for growth and transformation. It won't come easy, but nothing worth having ever does...


It's Gonna Get Tough

We know positive change that lasts doesn't come easy. But we tend to forget that when nearly everything inside us is ready to quit. Hang in there, you're gonna make it...

Nature photographer tourist with camera shoots while standing on top of the mountain. Beautiful Nature Norway Preikestolen or Prekestolen.

The View is Gonna be Epic

Victory is a beautiful view. Maybe it's a small win, but it's still a win. Victory doesn't come overnight, it's a life long journey; it's your metanoia.


So what is Metanoia Blog anyway?

We get it. Metanoia isn't a word you hear every day, but it's powerful in it's meaning. Let's explore it. 

Metanoia: The journey of changing one's mind, heart, self, or way of life. Let's go explore inspiration, live in words, and see things differently than everyone else.

Because let face it, life is constantly passing us by, every day is opportunity and every struggle a chance for victory.

The time to grow is now and today is the day for change! So what are you waiting for? Let's do this, because the clock is running, Tick Tock, Tick Tock...

Metanoia Blog

Live life. Choose growth. Break through.


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